New Brand: 'Unique By Nature' & The Pirate Puppy

Unique by Nature: "Find What You Can, Give Something Back"

Unique by Nature is a lifestyle brand that embodies adventure, family and a love for the great outdoors and was Inspired by our Little Shelter "Pirate Puppy": Gru, a blue chihuahua.

Our stylish clothing clothing and exciting treasure hunts encourage you to embrace the thrill of adventure while staying true to the values of family, community and supporting animal charities.

Show how you are Unique by Nature! Our brand is a perfect way to show your support for pet adoption because part of every purchase and hunt helps shelter animals!

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Meet Gru, A Pirate Puppy: 'Unique by Nature'

Gru "Felonious" (A.K.A Gru) is a blue chihuahua - unique in that they cannot be bred, only nature can create one making him Unique by Nature.

He was rescued after being in a shelter for 2 years and now he wants to help other shelter animals have the 'treasure' of a forever home.

Every UxN purchase helps shelter animals and Every Gru's Treasure Hunt provides a chance to find $5K for you and when the treasure is found, Gru will also donate $10K to local pet related charities.

Gru's Pirate Motto: "Find What You Can, Give Something Back!"

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A Treasure for You; A Treasure for Sheltered Pets

At the Gru's Treasure Hunts presented by The Blue Chihuahua, LLC, we believe in giving back to the community. That’s why we’ve created Gru’s Treasure Hunt. It provides a fun and challenging activity for individuals, friends, and families throughout the country, while also giving back to their communities. For every treasure won, we now donate $10,000 to help other pet charities!

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