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Gift of Adventure/Gru's Treasure Hunt

Contest Rules

The Gift of Adventure Awaits You!

Join in a statewide adventure as you plan to search for Gru’s Treasure by deciphering clues that can lead you to a treasure worth $5000.

This Gift Card is good for any state of your choosing. *Subject to availability*

What to expect: Once your hunt is announced it’s going to be a whirlwind of excitement and adventure. This is something the entire family, or as we like to call them “The Pack”, can get involved. So make sure you don’t forget the snacks for the Kid’s, Dogs and Grandparents as you venture out to Find Gru’s Treasure!

Your “Pack” of treasure hunters will be provided clue(s) that will lead you to Gru’s Treasure a Dog Bone Shaped Dog Tag worth $5000 be the first to figure out where it’s hidden in your state and the first to retrieve it you win $5000.

Remember not all wins are monetary! Sometimes the biggest reward are the memories we create with our family and friends; those are priceless! 

Every hunt helps Shelter Pets! In addition to the $5000 prize money “Gru’s Treasure The Blue Chihuahua will also provide a donation of $5000 to a shelter in the state the hunt is being held. *The Blue Chihuahua has all authority as to where the donation is given*

Must be 18+ to register

Must follow all terms and conditions

Not redeemable for cash. (No Cash Value) In the event the hunt you have chosen does not reach the required 1000 participants a refund will be provide to whom ever purchased the gift card. The Blue Chihuahua will determine acceptable or reasonable length of time to sell out each states hunt.

Please review How It Works for more information


May not be sold or re-sold online

Not valid with any other offers

**Please review all terms and conditions** Terms and Conditions apply to all gift card and treasure hunts.