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Gru's Treasure Hunt: Michigan

Contest Rules

Just 999 entries left!

Join in a statewide adventure as you plan to search for Gru's Treasure by deciphering clues that will be shared with you when the "hunt" begins! Number of Treasure Hunters is limited to 1,000 people per hunt. Reserve your spot now by joining Gru's Pack to get in on the fun, learn more about the state, (and help support animal shelters) and you may find yourself richer! 

Gru's Treasure Hunt is  scheduled we currently have more tickets available! We are holding the hunt even if we don't have it sold out.   

Every Treasure Hunt helps save Pets!

So how does it all work?

1.     Purchase a Treasure Hunt for your state (click on a state on the map or scroll through list)

2.     Once each individual state is sold out – email will be sent with the date the hunt will take place

3.     The week the hunt begins in your state you will get a reminder email with further instructions on where to go to see the clue for your treasure hunt

4.     Each hunt will begin on a Saturday – clue will be delivered at 10 am local time

5.     Solve the clue, find the treasure, and YOU WIN*!

6.     Treasure is a small dog tag with ‘Gru’s Treasure’ on one side and special “treasure number” and ‘phone number’ on the other

7.     *Once you have called in and validated the treasure you will receive a $5,000 by Cashier’s Check sent to you via FedEx

8.     If the Treasure is not found by Sunday morning -at 10 am a new clue will be provided to the team  - same for each day until the Treasure is found


Al-Van Humane Society

Our Shelter Beneficiary

Al-Van Humane Society

@alvanhumanesociety  · Animal shelter


(269) 637-5062

Al-Van Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter located in South Haven, Michigan.


Past Winners

Michigan- Gru's Treasure Hunt Winners

Michigan- Gru's Treasure Hunt Winners

Congratulations to Jamie and Casey 

"We had SO much fun! The thinking and sleuthing was just a riot! We are definitely going to look into more treasure hunts! Thanks again for hosting such a great day! And a Big Congrats to Al-Van Humane Society as well!!!"~Jamie and Casey

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